Somewhere Series

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Somewhere Series is an underground performance art event that I curated in 2016 that brought together over 30 artists of different persuasions over 10 performances.



Power Ballad


Power Ballad

Julia Croft / Nisha Madhan


“I am looking for a (body) language which exists outside the patriarchal definitions. Of course that is not possible. But who is any longer interested in the possible” – Kathy Acker

Part performance lecture, part karaoke party, deconstructing gendered linguistic histories and ripping apart language to find a new articulation of pleasure, anger and femaleness. We’re smashing it all to pieces and starting again. We’re behaving badly. We’re singing too many power ballads.

Created and performed by Julia Croft – Theatre & Performance Artist
Directed by Nisha Madhan (The Town Centre)

“Power Ballad is a revolution: winking while bringing both form and content to its knees in a way that is deeply, deeply hopeful.” – The Pantograph Punch

Power Ballad has been selected to travel to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – your support of this season will help make it happen!

6 – 17 June; 6.30pm
Basement Theatre
More dets:

Double bill with If There’s Not Dancing at the Revolution (Fundraiser Season) for just $40 every Thurs-Sat of the season.

Presented by Zanetti Productions.
Photo: Andi Crown Photography

WINNERS of Best Contemporary/Live Art, Best Actress, From Fringe To Fortune awards at the 2017 Auckland Fringe Festival.

Future Performance Motorways

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As part of The Town Centre tour of TITLED and If There’s Not Dancing At The Revolution, I’m Not Coming we hosted a public discussion on the making of live art and new performance at BATS Theatre with Kate Prior and Jo Randerson.

Read and listen here.


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The Town Centre Photo Gallery

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Click Here to view photos of The Town Centre’s shows from the past 6 years.


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TITLED image





Read Rosabel Tan’s impression of TITLED on The Pantograph Punch HERE.

Production Stills

Read Essay

Unveiling the politics at play using social maps governed by systems upon systems upon systems.

In an attempt to discover exactly what The Bottom Line is, Nisha Madhan (BPSA, BA Hons) presents a complicated, tricky performance situation rife with Rules and Regulations. Audiences are invited to negotiate the Terms and Conditions of their experience making them Stakeholders in the Business of Performance. Using Best Practice and Strategic Goals developed with Auckland University Managerial Staff member and Supervisor, Dr. Emma Willis (PhD), Innovative Spatial Collusion from Stephen Bain (BBSc, Dip. Act) alongside Assistant Mind Dynamics Collaborator Poppy Serano (Dip. CompGraphDes, BDes), Madhan will ensure that an environment of Quality, Leadership, Excellence and Success will be diligently avoided at all costs.

This piece comes out of a desire to treat the concept of an unspoken contract between audience and performer literally. This is a fundamental exchange between You, Me, Here, There and the Army of Administrators that run the world.

Let’s lay all our cards on the table.

Performance: Nisha Madhan / Poppy Serano
Design: Stephen Bain



What Have You Done To Me? in Finland

WHYDTM Wellington 1

Production Stills

Stephen and Nisha have been invited to present their absurdist cabaret What Have You Done To Me? at the New Performance Turku Festival in Finland.  This invitation comes via the curation of Auckland Performance artist Dr. Mark Harvey and includes solos works by himself, and Val Smith.

We have decided to put on a special pre-Finland performance season of the show at The Basement before we leave 2 – 13 September.  Coupled with our recent work LIES, we are about to seize everyone’s favourite little theatre with our performance goodie bag of dancing, gorillas, snooty French women, lying, cheating and TOO MUCH CONFETTI!




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Finalist Most Original Production, Auckland Theatre Awards 2014

Theatrescenes Most Memorable Moments  (James Wenley) 2014

Lumiere Reader Best of Auckland Theatre (Sam Brooks) 2014


Production Stills

The Town Centre presents genre-defying, anarchic and party fueled hour in which 4 performers lie, cheat and run gleefully into the face of failure.  LIES is a deliberately unstable world of theatrical discord and pure play.

It breaks every rule of the theatre ….” – Theatreview

“anarchic mayhem with strong performers and a clear sense of a highly rigorous underlying process. This to me was a glimpse of what I associate with a fringe festival” – Chris Jannides, Head of Movement, Toi Whakaari

Performers: Ash Jones/Josh Rutter/Julia Croft/Lara Fischel-Chisholm
Direction/Design: Nisha Madhan/Stephen Bain


Duration 60 minutes


5-13 September at The Basement alongside What Have You Done To Me? and  The Review Project

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In Wellington: 27 february – 2 March

At BATS Understudy as part of the 2014 NZ FRINGE FESTIVAL.

VIEW Lorde’s Letter of Support


Supported by Creative NZ

2013 LIES Workshop Videos

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2013 LIES Workshop Videos:

Click on an image below to be taken to the video.  All videos are from various development session over the past year.  They are each roughly 1-3 minutes long.



What Have You Done To Me?

Production Stills

Finalist Most Original Production, Auckland Theatre Awards 2014

Theatrescenes Most Memorable Moments  (James Wenley) 2014

Lumiere Reader Best of Auckland Theatre (Sam Brooks) 2014



A Modern Cabaret of Obsessions.
“charming, troubled, energetic, violent, seductive…hilariously entertaining.” – TheatreviewInspired by the stalkeresque work of French photographer, Sophie Calle, this absurdist cabaret of obsessions by Nisha Madhan and Stephen Bain hides nothing and invites everything.  Contains dancing, offensive language, gorillas and confetti.
8.30pm @ The Basment
Click HERE to book tickets.
2014 At BATS Theatre as part of the 2014 NZ Fringe Festival
2010 Fredrick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society
2010 Basement Theatre as part of the 2010 Auckland Fringe Festival