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As part of The Town Centre tour of TITLED and If There’s Not Dancing At The Revolution, I’m Not Coming we hosted a public discussion on the making of live art and new performance at BATS Theatre with Kate Prior and Jo Randerson.

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Read Rosabel Tan’s impression of TITLED on The Pantograph Punch HERE.

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Unveiling the politics at play using social maps governed by systems upon systems upon systems.

In an attempt to discover exactly what The Bottom Line is, Nisha Madhan (BPSA, BA Hons) presents a complicated, tricky performance situation rife with Rules and Regulations. Audiences are invited to negotiate the Terms and Conditions of their experience making them Stakeholders in the Business of Performance. Using Best Practice and Strategic Goals developed with Auckland University Managerial Staff member and Supervisor, Dr. Emma Willis (PhD), Innovative Spatial Collusion from Stephen Bain (BBSc, Dip. Act) alongside Assistant Mind Dynamics Collaborator Poppy Serano (Dip. CompGraphDes, BDes), Madhan will ensure that an environment of Quality, Leadership, Excellence and Success will be diligently avoided at all costs.

This piece comes out of a desire to treat the concept of an unspoken contract between audience and performer literally. This is a fundamental exchange between You, Me, Here, There and the Army of Administrators that run the world.

Let’s lay all our cards on the table.

Performance: Nisha Madhan / Poppy Serano
Design: Stephen Bain