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Ollie Is A Martian

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Performed by Gaulier trained clown, Oliver Cox. Directed by Barnie Duncan.

Lighting by Ruby Reihana-Wilson. Produced by Nisha Madhan

“There are many different worlds. Many different galaxies. Many different Universes. And many, many different creatures.” –  Ollie Is A Martian

After leaving his home on the delinquent red planet, a martian called Ollie arrives on Earth. It is wonderful! But why is he here? Moon hopping through the world Ollie asks the big questions about life, love and the universe.

‘Ollie Is a Martian’ – an existential tale of an outsider searching to find his place in the world. Through physical comedy, solar systematic design, and playful, observant humour, this simple story of an alien far away from his home will charm and delight even the most cynical of earth humans.

The show is co-written, designed and directed by Ollie’s uncle, actor, musician and comedian Barnie Duncan (Constantinople, Calypso Nights, …Him).

With a strong familial tie of clown-based storytelling between its creators, Ollie Is A Martian is ready to set your heart in orbit during it’s galactic full length debut.

                    Venue:   The Basement
Season:   3rd – 7th June 2014
Time:   7pm
Tickets:   $18 / $14

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In addition to the 5-night season of this work, as a nod and to give back to a community close to Ollie’s heart, Theatre Beating is offering a free performance for students with Special Learning Needs on Friday 6th June at 2.30pm.

If you are interested in learning more please contact Nisha Madhan through

The House of Bernarda Alba

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Phundmi Productions and TAPAC Theatre

In association with The Murray Hutchinson Creative Trust, Arts Alive and Creative Communities present

By Federico Garcia Lorca

Following the sudden death of her husband, the formidable matriarch Bernarda Alba will do anything to safeguard her family’s dubious fortune and the future of her five daughters. Five headstrong women cooped up in the family home in an emotionally charged atmosphere of bitter rivalry and repressed sexuality make this an epic challenge for her. Though she rules over her house with an iron fist she cannot stop her most prized posessions from running into the lions jaws.One of the most celebrated European dramas of the 20th century, the play was finished by Lorca shortly before he was executed in Spain for his left-wing politics. Faithfully preserving Lorca’s sense of boiling tension and impending tragedy, the play lines up a stunning cast of women and a chorus of twenty to bring this classic text thrillingly up to date.
FEATURING: Michele Hine, Sylvia Rands, Yvette Parsons, Tania Anderson, Sarah Gallagher, Rashmi Pilapitiya, Liesha Ward Knox, Jodie Hillock, Nisha Madhan and twenty others…
DIRECTION by Margaret Mary Hollins
CHORUS led by Laurel Devenie
COSTUMES by Cyan Yasmin Corwine
LIGHTS by Michael Craven
SET by Barnie Duncan
JUNE 11 – 20 2010
Review by Nik Smythe for Theatreview
Review by Paul Simei-Barton for NZ Herald
Preview by Dionne Christian NZ Herald
Preview by Sharu Delikan for The Aucklander
Profile: Michele Hine for NZ Herald
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