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Tim Etchells: Live Forever

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It takes an accident to show what the work could be.



Tim Etchells: On Risk and Investment

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From Certain Fragments

Questions for Quizoola!

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Dear Forced Entertainment,
Do you consider yourself an honest person?

Do you normally order the cheapest wine on the menu?

Do you normally order the second cheapest wine on the menu?

Will you live longer than your partner, or best friend?

Have you ever knowingly participated in illegal activity?

Have you ever knowingly lied on an official tax document?

Do you think you might be making bad decisions in your life?

Do you suck your stomach in for photographs?

Do you consider yourself better looking than most people you know?

Do you fantasize about your own funeral?

Do you enjoy farting anonymously in public?

Do people notice you when you walk into a room?

Do you often eat the last biscuit on the plate?

Have you ever told someone you loved them, then regretted it afterwards?

Have you ever said out loud that you would do harm to a political figure?

Is your heart racing?

Are you looking for someone?

Have you been waiting for someone who will take you in to the future?

If someone told you how to see the future, would you do it?

Would you consider yourself a leader in your community?

Do you often let calls go through to voicemail?

Do you believe the children are our future?

Do you believe that people need someone to look up to?

Have you ever decided never to walk in anyone’s shadow?

Best wishes for the future.

Future Hotel
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Tim Etchells: Can You Trust The People Sitting Next to You?

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From Passages – Swiss Arts Council