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The House of Bernarda Alba

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Phundmi Productions and TAPAC Theatre

In association with The Murray Hutchinson Creative Trust, Arts Alive and Creative Communities present

By Federico Garcia Lorca

Following the sudden death of her husband, the formidable matriarch Bernarda Alba will do anything to safeguard her family’s dubious fortune and the future of her five daughters. Five headstrong women cooped up in the family home in an emotionally charged atmosphere of bitter rivalry and repressed sexuality make this an epic challenge for her. Though she rules over her house with an iron fist she cannot stop her most prized posessions from running into the lions jaws.One of the most celebrated European dramas of the 20th century, the play was finished by Lorca shortly before he was executed in Spain for his left-wing politics. Faithfully preserving Lorca’s sense of boiling tension and impending tragedy, the play lines up a stunning cast of women and a chorus of twenty to bring this classic text thrillingly up to date.
FEATURING: Michele Hine, Sylvia Rands, Yvette Parsons, Tania Anderson, Sarah Gallagher, Rashmi Pilapitiya, Liesha Ward Knox, Jodie Hillock, Nisha Madhan and twenty others…
DIRECTION by Margaret Mary Hollins
CHORUS led by Laurel Devenie
COSTUMES by Cyan Yasmin Corwine
LIGHTS by Michael Craven
SET by Barnie Duncan
JUNE 11 – 20 2010
Review by Nik Smythe for Theatreview
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Shakespeare Unbar’d

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Shakespeare Unbar’d

The Food of Love

A raunchy Shakespearean Love fest.

Join ten actors for a night of frolic and frenzy. Presenting selected scenes from Shakespeare’s most loved romantic comedies, they will tickle your senses and deliver you straight into the arms of Valentines Day. The Mistress of Love will school you in the ways to win your lover’s heart, or rather in what NOT to do when you are in love. Need some advice? She’s the one to see. It’s a lesson in love from one who knows best, Uncle Shakespeare. Girls dressed as Boys, Wrestling matches, clowns, music, cat fights, and a generous dose of magic, if you came in without a clue, you’re guaranteed to leave with an A+ from our school of Love.

“Shakespeare Unbar’d – The Food of Love”

playing at the Dogs Bollix in February 2006.

PERFORMERS: Madeleine Hyland, Liesha Ward Knox, Sarah Gallagher, Nisha Madhan, Sam Berkley, Tom McRae, Jacob Tamaiparea, Francis Mountjoy, Daniel Mainwaring, Hayley Dallimore, Daniel Coppersmith.

DIRECTOR: Nisha Madhan


Review by Nik Smythe for Theatreview