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Created for Burlesque: As You Like It.  Mademoiselle was based on the first ever accidental strip.  Charmingly clumsy, Mademoiselle needs the audiences help to untangle, unzip and undress her in order for her to complete her strip.  A light hearted piece which negotiates the power relationship between the performer and her audience.

Direction & Concept: Eve Gordon



Created for The Sexy Recession Show.  An all singing all stripping version of Eartha Kitt’s seminal song ‘I Wanna Be Evil.’  The audience watch themselves watching the performer as she strips behind a strategically placed mirror.



Collaborators: Eve Gordon & Nisha Madhan



Created for The Blush Review.  Josephine was created as a salute to exoticism and a nod to Josephine Baker.  Josephine loves to feed bananas to her audience before stripping off her gorilla suit to reveal a fruitily clad curvacious body underneath her grotesque and hairy mask.

Concept: Nisha Madhan




Created for The Blush Review the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber.  The last in this series of burlesques is the most abstract in image.  Intended as a deconstruction of Burlseque and the body itself, a classic fan dance performed in only black light.  The fans lift off to reveal the performers body covered only in luminous white dots.


Concept: Nisha Madhan



The Dust Palace Website


Venus Is…

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The Dust Palace in association with STAMP at THE EDGE presents a fearless mix of physical and aerial theatre, dance and song. With director Eve Gordon, the company reinterprets stories by, amongst others, Anais Nin, Shakespeare and James Joyce.

An older couple’s rediscovery of each other after spending years side by side forms the central plot of this multi-layered narrative. Together they encounter forgotten memories and desires, re-engage with their past and discover their long lost eroticism.

This intimate tale challenges perceptions of sexual relationships and encompasses moments of tragedy as well as those of pure joy.

From Wednesday 7th September until Saturday 17th September 2011
Comissioned for the opening of the Loft Space at Q Theatre.
DIRECTOR: Eve Gordon PRODUCER: Nisha Madhan
The Dust Palace Website
Review by Paul Simei-Barton for NZ Herald
Review by Raewyn White for Theatreview